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Bluetooth Incoming COM Port in Desktop Applications MS Stack

Mar 3, 2011 at 5:56 PM


I have a Bluetooth Device which has SPP. I have Desktop application to discover the device, to pair it and also to activate SPP.

My Application is not intended for mobile it is pure Desktop Application

But i have a query.

Using Microsoft OS Bluetooth Wizard:

whenever we pair any bluetooth device OS creates 2 COM Ports outgoing and incoming.

In Bluetooth Properties, it is separately visible com ports with their direction(outgoing / incoming) .


Through My Desktop Application:

I am not able to get incoming com port for the device.

I have tried it with CreateFile but failed, I was not able to get proper handle.

I want to show com port created in Bluetooth Properties -> COM Port and also in Device Manager, as OS does it.

can anybody help me in creation of incoming com port? How to register it to Bluetooth Stack?

Thank you.