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CSWebBrowserWithProxy‏ not working as expected

Apr 18, 2011 at 8:29 AM

Hi All,

I was trying to use the webbrowser control inside a winforms project but I had a problem with the proxy settings (I have to use a proxy which requires authentication but I do not want my program to ask for the username and password).

To slve this problem I've found this project CSWebBrowserWithProxy on internet at this address,

I tried it but I still have a problem: 

When I run the project with the address it works quite ok.

When I try other addresses (like for example or an error page is shown.

When I try with I can read the page but in text mode only (I mean that I can read the text but it's not formatted, it seems like the css is not working).

Note that inside Internet Explorer all the addresses (url) work perfectly (but obviously IE asks for the proxy username and password).

Is there a solution?

Thank you,
Rocco Barbaresco.