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Working with List Control on the CppShellExtPropSheetHandler Project

Apr 27, 2011 at 10:16 AM

Hi there, i've been working with your VS2010 PropSheet solution and so far it's GREAT! Nice Work!
Now I'm having this problem: I've added a List Control to the dialog but I can't work with it on the code. the CListBox or the CListCtr need an afxwin or afxcmm to be included.
So far so good, but as soon as do that I start to have problems related to WINDOWS.H been already included. This made me change the definition of my project to have the MFC Libraries as a Shared DLL.

Does anyone has an idea for working with those controls using your solution? 'Have been looking around and trying to find an answer but still nothing.

Using the SetWindowText Function I've been able to populate the labels and textboxes... so far!

Thanks all!