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I Need Help building a Portal

Mar 29, 2012 at 8:59 PM

Anyone interested? In helping  


We have thousands of documents size of pdf. documents can be 1mb – 100mb in size

 We want to have the documents I already have in the database.

1) If a client places an order for a document we have in the database it would be available for download (in the view orders page) with a preliminary status, we check the document to make sure it is complete and up to date. If it is we would go to the ADMIN side and mark it complete.

2) If it is not in our database it would show pending status we would get the document upload it so they can be available for them to download and make it complete.

Note: Every order would be Pending or Preliminary until we make it complete.

More info on project to who might be intrested,,please be in US east coast