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All-In-One Visual Studio Extensibility Code Samples



The All-In-One Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) code samples demonstrate the typical programming topics about extending Visual Studio. These topics are either frequently asked in MSDN forums and Microsoft Support, or are requested by many developers via our code sample request function. We want to alleviate the frustration felt by developers when they are developing VSX.


Visual Studio 2008 Code Samples

Sample Description Download ReadMe
CppVSGetServiceInBackgroundThread Get VSPackage service background thread Download ReadMe.txt
CSTFSCustomWorkItemControl TFS Custom WorkItem Control (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSTFSDataWarehouseAdapter TFS Data Warehouse Adapter in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSTFSWorkItemObjectModel Use TFS WorkItem Object Model in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSAddInCommandBarUI VS Command Bar Addin Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSAddInCommandEvents VS AddIn in C#: Command Events Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSAddInToolboxItem VS AddIn in C#: Customize VS Toolbox Items Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSAutomationOutsideIDE Automate VS from outside VS IDE Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackage VSPackage in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageAddReferenceTab VSPackage in C#: Customize Add Reference dialog Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageCloseOpenedDocument Close open file in VS (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageInvokeCoreEditor VS Package invokes core editor (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageMonitorFileChange Monitor File Change through VS Service (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageOptionPageWithTypeConverter Use TypeConverter in Option Page of VS (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageState VSPackage in C#: State Persisting Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageStatusBar Customize VS Status Bar in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageToolbars VSPackage in C#: Custom Toolbar Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageToolbox VSPackage in C#: Load all Toolbox Items in Assembly Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSPackageWPFToolWindow Host WPF control in VS ToolWindow (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSService VSPackage in C#: Provide, Register and Consume Services Download ReadMe.txt
CSVSToolWindow VSPackage in C#: Custom Tool Window Download ReadMe.txt


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