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Best Sample for Dependency Checker and diagnostics utility


I want use any WinForms application to validate my computer configuration and diagnostics utility that can be ran by an end user or by technical support personnel to determine whether a user's machine is configured correctly for a given application.
I would like found references inspired by day-to-day regarding how to troubleshoot a workstation for a given application. Although checklists and guidelines have proved very useful the manual processes involved are somewhat tedious. Better to expidite the initial troubleshooting and reduce turnaround times.
For example, how can I determine this configurations, like Sql Server 2008 R2 installer does ?
I use VS 2010, C#, Win7 and WinXP.
I only found Ndiagnostics in codeplex, but is dead project
any suggestions, code samples, tips, sample applications with open source, etc ?
For example, SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup validates your computer configuration before the Setup operation completes.
Checks OS version, specific version of the .NET Framework, IIS version, system platform.for the 64-bit platform.
Checks java version, visual J# runtime version, visual C++ runtime version is installed
Checks if a pending computer restart is required.
Checks whether the computer meets minimum operating system version requirements.
Checks whether the account that is running SQL Server Setup has administrative privileges on the computer.
Checks whether the WMI service is started and running on the computer.
Checks to see if the computer is connected to the Internet.
Checks whether the computer is a domain controller.
Checks whether Windows PowerShell is installed.
Checks for previous releases of Visual Studio 2008 or if it has already been upgraded to SP1.
Checks if the existing performance counter registry hive is consistent.
Checks whether SqlServer version or SQL Server Services is installed.
Checks for .NET: smtp and proxy configuration, ...
Checks if a user is an machine Administrator, verify that a user belongs to a specified group/role, etc..
determines whether a specific "URL" is available (can verify web page or web service).
determines whether a specific Server is available (can verify any server in intranet).
custom for:
checks for the existence of a specific folder,
determines whether a specific process is running
test connection sqlserver-oracle-checks for connection to specified database;-, test email smtp connection, etc
and more...
So most of these pre-requisite checking are based on registry and file system, as I suggested in my previous post. If some app is installed, it will generally add some registry keys and at least store some files in the system.
Also, it may need case by case discussion if you have some specific requests.
Perhaps in future, Microsoft do open source in codeplex some installer (like SqlServer 2008 R2).

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Any suggestions about it ?

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Not suggestions

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (or 2012) Setup is not open source in codeplex. It's a pity.

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