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All-In-One Security Code Samples


The All-In-One Security code samples demonstrate the typical programming topics about security e.g. UAC, encryption, decryption. These topics are either frequently asked in MSDN forums and Microsoft Support, or are requested by many developers via our code sample request function. We want to alleviate the frustration felt by developers when they are dealing with security.


Visual Studio 2008 Code Samples

Sample Description Download ReadMe
CppCreateLowIntegrityProcess Create low-integrity process in C++ Download ReadMe.txt
CppImpersonateUser Impersonation in C++ Download ReadMe.txt
CppResourceIntegrityLevel Get and set resource integrity level (C++) Download ReadMe.txt
CppRunAsUser Create an interactive process under different user account (C++) Download ReadMe.txt
CppUACSelfElevation UAC Self-elevation (C++) Download ReadMe.txt
CSCreateLowIntegrityProcess Create low-integrity process in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSCustomAuthorization Implement Custom Authorization in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSDigitalSignature Use digital signature in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSEncryption Use encryption in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSImpersonateUser Impersonation in C# Download ReadMe.txt
CSUACSelfElevation UAC Self-elevation (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSXmlDigitalSignature Digitial signature for XML (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
CSXmlEncryption Encryption of XML (C#) Download ReadMe.txt
VBCreateLowIntegrityProcess Create low-integrity process in VB Download ReadMe.txt
VBImpersonateUser Impersonation in VB Download ReadMe.txt
VBUACSelfElevation UAC Self-elevation (VB) Download ReadMe.txt


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